In the year 1993, the Tamil Nadu State Commission for Women, which is a statutory body was constituted to deal with the cases related to crime against women.A chairperson and 9 members have been appointed.       


        The Women Commission investigates specific problems of women and takes up studies related to women issues. The Women Commission is also vested with sufficient powers to safeguard women’s rights and to ensure equality and protection for women against all forms of harassment and problems faced within the families and the community various steps are also taken by the Commission to create awareness among the public regarding the legislations related to women.


    The objectives of the Commission are:-

  • To provide protection and ensure welfare of women.
  • To address the gender issues.
  • To recommend to the Government on various issues related to women. 



  1. Adherence to the Provisions and Protections provided under the Constitution and

           legislation for women are taken care of by the Commission.

  1. Report to Government when the protective measures for women are not effectively implemented by various agencies.
  2. Recommends amendments in the provisions of law when it fails to impart justice to Women.
  3. Takes up issues related to violation of rights of women and follow-up action with the concerned authorities.

Women who have complaints of violation of their rights and non-implementation of their protective measures guaranteed under the Constitution of India can directly approach Women Commission for redressal.

For Further details Please contact in the address given below:

Chairperson::    Dr Kannegi Packianathan       Direct Phone::   28551155.

Tamil Nadu State Commission for Women
Ground Floor,
Agriculture Office Building,
Chepauk, Chennai 600005.
Phone: 044 - 28592750